Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is VerifiedInk?
VerifiedInk is a platform for digital collectibles (known as 'Inks') designed to empower all athletes to capture their athletic moments and for elite athletes to make money from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). It's the ultimate rookie card created, personalized, and owned by the athlete themselves. Once created, athletes can sell their collectables on VerifiedInk's marketplace to their community, collectors, and sports fans.
How is VerifiedInk Different?
We’re the only collectible platform and marketplace that is athlete-created, athlete-owned, athlete-first. Nothing else in sports or entertainment comes close to this revenue share. We’re also open to all athletes. Any level (pre-professional to professional) and any sport.
Is this a scam?
Far from it. We’re here to disrupt the economics of athletics in favor of the ones who put in the most work: the athletes. And connect them directly to their supporters. We work with some well-known athletes; we’ve been covered by some pretty reputable press outlets here, here, and here; and you can learn more about our team here.

For Athletes

Why should I create a VerifiedInk Collectible (an Ink)?
With recent NCAA and high school rule changes, amateur high school and college athletes can now profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). VerifiedInk Collectibles empower athletes to make money from their NIL by creating unique and personalized digital assets and selling them to sports fans and collectors. The athlete doesn't just earn money from their first sale but also earns on every subsequent sale with a portion of the sales fee that goes directly to them.
Athletes without an audience to buy their VerifiedInk Collectible can still make one and purchase an Augmented Reality (AR) Card to collect and commemorate their athletic moments.
How much does it cost?
The collectible itself is free to make, however, a cost may apply for the opportunity to create a drop and sell your collectible.
How do I make my Collectible available for sale?
Athletes can create Collectibles by going to our website ( and following a few simple steps. The Collectibles are easy to crate and once the athlete is finished, they can place those collectables for sale in our marketplace to be purchased by a community of sports fans and collectors.
How do I make money from my Collectible?
Athletes and Organizations who create a drop with Verified Ink receive a set % of all gross sales of cards created in the drop. The % is agreed between VerifiedInk and the Athlete and/or Organization, contact to set a % and drop today.
How can people purchase my Collectible?
Community members, collectors, and sports fans can purchase the Collectibles using a credit card.
How can I withdraw proceeds from my sales?
Payouts on the marketplace are requested through our team members that have been guiding you through the process. We have a minimum withdrawal limit to start, but plan to lower or eliminate it over time.
College athletes that have institutional requirements for payment methods (such as INFLCR or other reporting methods) should contact our team to set up payment.
Could this affect my eligibility?
Ensuring the athletes don't inadvertently violate eligibility regulations is our top priority as NCAA and state athletic association rules continue to evolve.
We are tracking very closely both the NCAA guidance on Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), as well as each state's governing bodies (legislature and high school sports associations) rules and regulations. There are some states that have yet to clarify or revisit their rules in accordance with the NCAA rule changes - and until they have, we do not allow athletes from these states to complete any financial transactions until they complete their final HS season. They are able to create their Collectible, just not sell it until it is determined they are eligible to do so.
It is the responsibility of the athlete to certify that their sale is not part of recruiting activity, a pay-for-play agreement, or a gift from an agent. Any athlete found using VerifiedInk for these activities does put their own eligibility at risk, and will be suspended from the platform.

For Fans and Collectors

What is your current platform roadmap?
Take a look at our latest blog post about this here:
How do I buy, sell, and withdraw from the platform?
Payments for collectible on the VerifiedInk marketplace can be made with either a credit/debit card (via Stripe). No other payment methods are currently accepted. Auctions are currently USD only though we have plans to enable crypto in the future.
If you buy through our platform with a credit card, you can also sell for a fixed price from your Collection page. Payouts on the marketplace are handled by reaching out to our team members. We have a minimum withdrawal limit to start, but plan to lower or eliminate it over time. There are no marketplace fees if you sell on the VerifiedInk marketplace. A 10% royalty is applied to every secondary sale regardless of marketplace, 4% going to the athlete and 6% to VerifiedInk.
Where do I reach out for support or to contact your team?
You can reach us on social media, clicking the help link at the bottom of our navigation or email us at:
support [at] verifiedink [dot] us
When I make a purchase how are the funds used?
Athletes and Organizations who create a drop with Verified Ink receive a set % of all gross sales of cards created in the drop. The % is agreed between Verified Ink and the Athlete and/or Organization, contact to set a % and drop today.