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VerifiedInk is the first place for athletes like you to design, own, and sell their own limited edition AR Digital Trading Card.

Completely free to make. Show it off with physcial AR Cards for a small fee.

2 Minute Drill

We make creating your first Digital Trading Card as easy as posting to your favorite social media app - it takes 2 minutes.


Starting at $20, you can view your Digital Collectible IRL with our unique physical Augmented Reality (AR) Card.


How It Works


Take 2 minutes to create your VerifiedInk


Mint your VerifiedInk to the Blockchain (we make it easy)


Show off your creation with our Physical AR Card

Athlete First

We want you to own your image, and earn the most you can from it. We take a small fee, but only when you sell it - not before. And the best part? Your collectibles come with forever royalties - so you get a cut of every single sale other people make too. Your career is in your hands. Your collectibles should be too.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower all athletes by making it easy for you to capitalize on your years of hard work and talent. Our goal is to bring millions of athletes just like you into Web3 as creators. Like you, we’re just getting started.